Create your own Emergency Plan for Individuals


60-page workbook, checklists and tips (PDF download).  Create an Emergency Plan to keep you safer during emergencies and disasters.


Create your own Emergency Plan for Individuals

This 60-page workbook includes checklists, templates and tips (PDF download). Everyone should have an Emergency Plan. Emergencies can be a varied from in-house residents to external family members out of your control. Individuals may not have direct family to worry about but they may be living in a boarding house, apartments or college dorm that involves outside emergency procedures and people you have no control over.  Whatever your living arrangements disasters still affect you.  There are disasters natural like cyclones, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and wildfires. On top of that, there are man-made disasters like accidents, explosions, terrorism, and crimes. Each situation can cause:

  • Stress for the whole family,
  • Finance destress from loss of property and job losses
  • Disruption to daily life,
  • Injury or loss of life.

With a current emergency plan, you are prepared before the emergency happens which reduces the problems listed above. A written plan is easy to access when the power and internet fail. The plan should be familiar to those directly living with you so they know what to do when you are not around.  You can’t control what outsides do in an emergency but you can prepare yourself.  Households must consider children living with you or away, pets, and extended family in and out of the home among other lifestyle factors.

Putting off creating a plan will not help you went a sudden event occurs. When an emergency or disaster hits the stress causes memory loss and panic, making it hard to think straight. Once you have created your plan you will need to review it at various time to ensure it is up to date and that others are familiar with the plan.

Create your own Emergency Plan for Individuals workbook .

This workbook covers:

  • Know your local area and emergency history,
  • Developing your plan for your area,
  • Checklists for event preparation,
  • Your boarding house, college, apartment emergency plans
  • Your household skills audit, what skills do they have and want training is needed like first aid for example.
  • Documenting your household items, documentation, and valuables,
  • Personal information that may be needed in a disaster,
  • Pet information,
  • Various emergency kit lists.
  • 60 pages, A4 size

Paperback version is available on Amazon (link)


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