Why I need a hard copy of my emergency plan

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Written by: Christine Hamilton

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December 24, 2023

When the power grid fails, the internet, mobile phone signal, your mobile phone or laptop battery won’t last long.  Then you find yourself sitting in the dark unable to access your plan.  You need a hard copy in your emergency kit or a photographic memory that isn’t affected by stress.

Why technology doesn’t like disasters


In modern society, we want everything online.  We are fixed to our smartphones, tablets, or computers to solve all our life problems.  But that only works when we have electricity, phone signals and internet coverage.  Communication company systems should have battery back up but this only lasts so long without recharging. 


During disasters, the transmission tower can be damaged, up off from the technicians so it can’t be fixed or have alternative power connected in the short term.  And if the disaster is still in progress like a cyclone, fire, flood or storm it is not safe for the technicians to be out and about trying to fix the system.

What is an emergency plan?

 Emergency plans are designed to set out how we will protect our families before, during and after a disastrous event.  Making a plan can take a little time so working on your plan long before an event happens allows you to:


  • Research what happens in your area.
  • Learn how your local area deals with the problems
  • Build up a set of emergency kits over time as you can afford it
  • Find all your important paperwork details
  • Plan evacuation routes
  • Practice your plan
  • Inform your close family and outside family contacts of your plan.

Why have a hard copy of your emergency plan?


Having a hard copy of your emergency plan in your emergency kit gives you and your family essential information when there is no digital world.  Disasters are very stressful, and remembering the little things is hard.  You are looking back at your damaged home and your partner asks what is our insurance policy number.  It’s somewhere on your desk, but where is your desk?  Having your emergency kits in weatherproof portable boxes with a hard copy of your plan along with the important paperwork saves you a lot of heartache.

Being prepared by having a plan could save you money during and after a disaster.  Resources will be scarce and expensive.


And what does your family do if you are not home or injured?  Having a hard copy makes it easy for them to look up emergency contacts, checklists, policy details and the like. 

Even if you have a digital version of the plan, print it out as a backup for when the internet is not working.  Protect your hardcopy version in a plastic sleeve or container.

When should I check my emergency plan?


Having a plan is good, but an up-to-date plan is even better.  You should check your plan regularly:

  •  As major things change in your life
  • When you practice or refresh the plan with family
  • Before the disaster season
  • When any warnings are given (go through your checklists and details)
  • After the event if you need emergency numbers, policy details
  • When it all calms down to assess what worked and what needs changing for next time.

Where can I find an emergency plan template?

There are numerous simple plans all over the internet, one or two pages covering the basic essentials.  But they don’t over everything.  

You can buy my printed

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